Meet Marta, DCO

Marta is a DCO, based in Zaragoza, Spain. She joined AWS in June, 2021.

HereAtAWS: Tell us about your career journey. What brought you to your current role at AWS?

Marta:  I am Spanish, but when I applied for AWS I was actually working in the UK. I heard about new job opportunities with Amazon in Zaragoza, and I wanted to come back home so this sounded like a perfect timing.

Additionally, I was reading and getting some information about all the opportunities that Amazon provides to their employees for work life balance and I knew it was a good opportunity as there were many things I could learn.

HereAtAWS: Can you explain in simple terms: your role, who your customers are, and how you help them?

Marta:  I have to maintain the servers in our data centers, so our customers can avoid disruption on the AWS services that we provide.

HereAtAWS: What technical and/or soft skills do you need to succeed in your role?

Marta:  I need knowledge about hardware and software in IT.

HereAtAWS: Have you had to learn any specific new skills (technical or soft) for your role?

Marta:  We learn every day at AWS. Every day is day one!

HereAtAWS: What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Marta:  I love all the learning and new challenges we need to face daily.

HereAtAWS: What advice would you give people joining AWS?

Marta:  Be brave and do your best. I was not confident I would be hired, but after the interview process, where I met many Amazonians that filled me with confidence, here I am today! I think if you work hard, everything is possible.

At the beginning, you may feel overwhelmed, but everyone goes through this phase and comes out of it with so much learning. Work with your colleagues, ask as many questions as you need, and more, and you will succeed.

HereAtAWS: What three words would you use to describe workdays at AWS?

Marta:  Cooperation, inclusivity and learning.

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