Meet Mike, Database Solutions Architect

Mike joined AWS as a Database Solutions Architect based in the EMEA Region.

HereAtAWS:What was your professional background before AWS?

Mike: Prior to joining AWS, I spent 10 years working in Digital Agencies in London. I’ve had a few roles in my time ranging from Front-end Developer through to Technical Director, and I’ve been lucky enough to work for some amazing high-profile clients to build and deliver their campaign websites, promotional pages and everything in between! It’s here that I learnt the value of being able to build and scale architecture, and how important it is to have the right (and best) tools to do your job. From this, I became a big AWS advocate and utilized the AWS ecosystem for all our work going forwards.

HereAtAWS: Why were you interested to join AWS?

Mike: AWS has always been an innovator and at the forefront of technology; with every new service release, I found immense value. Having been hands-on with the technology and wanting to learn more and more about it all, I couldn’t think of anywhere better to do that than by being a part of AWS. Secondly, my role was customer facing so working for a company that is so Customer Obsessed meant that I could easily align my values with the company’s values – ensuring our customers get the best results is critical, and still remains the primary driver today.

HereAtAWS:Could you please describe your role in AWS?

Mike: I’m a NoSQL Specialist Solutions Architect which means I get to work with our customers on building, planning and developing their database approach and architectures when they are looking to explore modern database technologies. Every customer is different, every day is different and I really enjoy working with customers to build their future products and services. When a customer doesn’t need to think about the underlying architecture but focus solely on their application needs and database throughput; that’s an amazing conversation to be a part of. With input from our customers and meetings, I’m able to help shape the way our services change going forwards.

HereAtAWS:Who do you work with internally and externally?

Mike: Additionally, to working so closely with our customers, I’m able to work with many of our internal colleagues, ranging from Solutions Architects through to the Product Managers who represent the Service Teams. My role has a varied range of people and teams to interact with, from training to sales, to technical deep dives and I enjoy the different conversations and drivers we collaborate on, with the main purpose of helping our customers achieve their goals.

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